What is boredom busters?

Boredom Busters is a brand new app and You Tube channel brought to you by Play Scotland.  It’s packed full of inspirational new ideas for ways to play.  

The app has been designed to encourage every child in Scotland, aged 8 to 12 years, to be playing more often and in different ways, every day.

How does the app work?

The content of the app is created by children for children. 

  • Children can search for and watch other children at play.
  • They can use these inspirational ideas to go out and have fun playing
  • They can film their own play ideas.
  • They can share these short films with their friends.
  • They can choose to upload their films to the Boredom Busters You Tube Channel. 
  • These can then be viewed by our ‘community of players’ and used for further creative inspiration and ideas.

The app is also a great resource for inspirational ideas for parents.

Why boredom busters app?

We want Scotland to be the best place to grow up. A nation which values play as a life-enhancing daily experience for all our children and young people; in their homes, early learning and childcare settings, schools and communities.”

Scotland’s Play Strategy Vision

Play Scotland has developed a resource that can be used to encourage and promote play in and around the home and to help engage parents and carers in facilitating both indoor and outdoor play.

The importance of play in children and young people’s daily lives and to healthy development has become increasingly recognised in recent years. A growing body of evidence supports the view that playing, throughout childhood, is not only an innate behaviour but also contributes to quality of life, sense of wellbeing and is a key element in effective learning, developing their physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills.

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