Video Moderation Guidelines


Videos submitted to Boredom Busters will be rejected if they:

  • Communicate any personal information about the child eg. name, location, school.
  • Film names should not include the name of the child.
  • No identifiable information should be able to be seen eg. school uniforms, street name/number.
  • Children should not be naked. Appropriate clothing should be worn for activities eg. Swimwear is acceptable for water play.
  • They should not encourage unsafe play which may cause injury to the individual or others eg. jumping off a roof, throwing stones.
  • They should not include bad language or cause religious offence.
  • They should not be used to promote specifically branded products. Branded products can appear as long as they are not being actively promoted.
  • They should not include any children who have not been given approval to appear.
  • They should not include harm to people, animals or property.
  • Use of music tracks in this context is covered under Fair Use. Fair Use is a set of exceptions that limit the power behind copyrights when the usage of a piece of work is considered “fair”. Click here for more information on Fair Use.

If you have any queries or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us